Various Multi-panel Drug Test Kits for Workplace Drug Testing

Drug testing at workplaces has become quiet common these days due to the increase in the number of drug abusers and on-job injuries. According to the Department of Labor, drug testing like random drug tests, pre-employment, and post-accidental drug testing should be conducted without fail for all the employees who are working in safety critical jobs. Hence, all the employers are following those rules in order to make their workplaces more safe and secure.

There are so many drug testing products which are available in the market in order to conduct drug tests at workplaces. Even though it is not mandatory for private employees to conduct drug testing, implementing a drug testing policy help them to stay on safe legal grounds. According to the SAHMSA guidelines, the drugs required to be tested are Amphetamines, THC, Cocaine,Opiates, and Phencyclidine.

All the above mentioned drugs are called as SAHMSA 5 and the test kits which can detect the above combination are called as SAHMSA 5 drug test kits, and hence are mostly used in workplaces. All the drugs which are mentioned by SAHMSA are mostly used and available drugs in US. Hence, any person will try these drugs in their early or later periods of substance abuse. Using these 5-panel test kits, help the employers to detect the abusing employees. In case they are unable to find them with these there are few other products, which are as follows.

The next best product is the 8-panel drug test kit which can detect all the above mentioned SAHMSA five drugs along with three more. The three additional drugs are Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Methaqualone. Using this 8 panel test kit will help the employers to find most of the abusing cases.

If they are still suspecting the use of drugs even after conducting the above mentioned 5 and 8 panel drug test kits, there is one more kit which can effectively find out the drug using employees. It is a 10 panel kit which can test all the above mentioned drugs along with Methadone and propoxyphene. Most of the employees will abuse the drugs which are included in the above 10. Hence, 10 panel is termed as one of the best kits to conduct employee drug tests.