Benefits of Multi-panel Drug Test Cups over Drug Test Strips

Even though both the drug test cups and strips work using the same principle, the way they constructed and used are different. There are few drawbacks in the use of drug test strips which lead to the invention of drug test cups. Both these devices are used to detect the drug metabolites in the urine sample to find a combination pf drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates and so on. Five panel drug test kits are most popular among the different available varieties, as they are designed to detect the five popularly abused drugs in United states as identified by SAMHSA and NIDA. For now let us check the benefits of drug testing cups over drug testing strips.


  • Multi-panel drug test cups offer a easier and more comfortable way of drug testing.
  • They do not require professional assistance as everything is clearly instructed in the information booklet.
  • It prevents the discomfort of spilling of urine sample as the specimen collection cup is provided with a cap and hence can be tightly sealed.
  • There is no need to dip the strip in the sample for five minutes and then wait until the time. Instead we can simply close the lid after collecting the sample and hence can read the details after 5 minutes without any discomfort.
  • When further laboratory testing is required, the sample could be sent directly to the laboratory by safely sealing the cup which is far better when compared to drug test strips.
  • Many drug test strips are not provided with a specimen collection cup.
  • Cost effective option for group drug testing.
  • Easy to write the name of the person whose sample is collected on the cup rather than on the strip.

These are the few benefits which are observed when both these drug test kits are compared. However, when it comes to operation both are functional and few adjustments are made to get perfect results.