Role of Facility Managers in Energy Conservation

One of the major concerns for many facilities whether it is big or small is their monthly or annual energy consumption. They try their own measures to decrease their energy consumption and hence to decrease their expenses. But they are never successful as they don’t spend enough time which is required to make all the necessary corrections. One of the best ways to cope up with this problem is to place this responsibility in the hands of professionals who have proved that their methods are effective to conserve energy and hence reducing the companies costs. Those professionals are called the facility managers who access the problem, analyze it and also do the needful to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The first step the facility managers do is they conduct an energy audit in your facility which lets them know how the energy is utilized and what are the sources of that energy. After detail auditing, these managers will have an clear idea on the total energy consumption and then they try to plan accordingly. They try to install renewable energy sources in the places where energy is consumed the most and where there is a chance of replacement.

These experts try to include energy efficient lighting sources which can significantly cut the bills and also increase the quality of the lighting by implementing various measures. They try to use the natural day light which costs nothing for the lighting purpose during day time. Besides using zoned HVAC systems they also install programmable thermostats which control the temperature levels of the various cooling and heating equipments in the facility depending upon the requirement.

Above all, facility managers also play a key role in educating the people in the facility about the different measures which help them to save the energy and reduce costs for the organization.