Flashcards are Great Ways to Build Vocabulary

Flash cards or note cards are great ways to build your vocabulary. Flash card is a piece of paper which is often the size of a business card. These pieces of paper are very much helpful in learning anything (language or subject) you want.


How to make flash cards for learning vocabulary?
Write the word on one side of the paper and write its meaning on the other side of the paper. If you are a beginner, learning a new language, you can even write the word of the new language on one side and its equivalent meaning in your mother tongue on the other side of the language.

How to use flash cards?
After preparing the flash cards, it is your turn to make the most of it. These flash cards help in you in the learning process while memorizing. They act as instant referring tools for any word in case of exams. It is also recommended to keep some plain pieces of paper with you when you are reading, so that you can make note of the new words and their meaning as and when you come across them. This way you can effectively build your vocabulary.

Flash cards are great memorizing tools. They are exciting and fun to make. There are two kinds of flash cards – traditional and digital. Traditional flash cards are what you make with the piece of paper, whereas, digital cards are the graphical flash cards that appear on computers (many online language learning sites and dictionaries provide them) or you can even make them in computers and get printed.