Know About Manual and Electric Toothbrushes

It’s a very known fact that brushing regularly is an important oral hygienic practice to maintain a perfect dental health. Therefore, it is even necessary to consider the toothbrush that you use for brushing. Toothbrushes can be manual or electric. Manual toothbrushes as the name indicates work by your manual handling. On the other hand, electric ones work with a simple charge.

Manual toothbrushes can be used easily. Their easy grip handle allows proper brushing. Some of them even come with a tongue scraper. An advantage of manual toothbrushes is that they are easy to travel and you have no worries with them. They allow you to feel the pressure on your teeth when you grasp the brush and hence, you can avoid too much pressure on the teeth. As you know, excessive pressure on teeth may wear away the teeth removing the enamel. This may result in pain, sensitivity and increased risk of tooth decay. So, a manual toothbrush can avoid any of these problems.

Electric toothbrushes are useful for those who cannot clean their teeth properly with manual toothbrushes. They are more intended for older people or people who have less manual dexterity. People having arthritis use electric toothbrushes to avoid their manual discomfort when they move the arms, shoulders and hands. The larger handle of the electric toothbrushes enable them to have effective brushing. Some of these brushes may even have built in timers which lets you know the time that you have brushed. Even some of them, dispense toothpaste. However, the only issue with these charged toothbrushes is that they are expensive. In addition, as they need battery recharge or replacement, it is difficult to carry them when traveling. Considering your needs and preferences, choose among the electric and manual toothbrushes to ensure effective brushing.