Types of Contact Lenses Depending on their Function

Contact lenses are very helpful to the people who are suffering from eye disorders. They are of great help for them since they avoid wearing of eyeglasses and limiting of themselves to particular things. Depending on the function and the purpose for which they are used for, contact lenses are classified into four types. Let us see what are the different types of lenses.

Corrective contact lenses: These lenses are the basic model of lenses which are quite functional and used for correcting the vision. They are used for rectifying different eye disorders namely short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. When maintained properly, these lens are quite helpful and improve the vision.

Cosmetic lenses: Cosmetic lens are different from the lens which are used to correct the vision. Even though there are few cosmetic lens which are specially designed to correct the vision as well as to look different, they are only in less numbers and are made available on special orders. In general cosmetic lens are colored lens which are used in different fields, especially film and fashion industries to change the color of eyes. They are available in different colors and one can look trendy and fashionable with the help of these lens.

Theatrical Contact Lenses: These lens are also called as special effect lenses which are used to look different in special occasions. These lens are especially used in films and horror shows to make the people look more scary. These lens are not good to wear for regular purposes and should not be worn for more than 3 hours.

Therapeutic Contact lenses: These are special type of lenses which are not suitable for each and every person. They are specially designed for the treatment of certain disorders and for the management of non refractive disorders of the eye. They are also used to treat the eye condition including dry eyes, corneal ulcers and so on.

These are the four different types of contact lenses which are divided according to their function.