Looking for Glow Sticks with Longer Shelf Life? – Purchase Glow Sticks in Bulk

Many occasions demand the need of bulk glow sticks because of their extensive use in many places such as party decorations, accessories, for conducting different events, as party favors and so on. It is not surprised to get a huge number of glow sticks for all these purposes. Moreover, there are lot more advantages in buying glow sticks in bulk. Lets see what those advantages are.

Less expensive: It is a know fact that any goods purchased in bulk are less expensive when compared to the single pieces. The same rule works for glow sticks too. Bulk glow sticks are much cheaper than the regular single ones and are also more effective when compared to them.

Longer Shelf Life: There are many factors which affect the durability of the glow sticks. Among them shorter shelf life is also one factor which affects the durability of the glow stick. To increase the durability one should look at the bulk packed products. Bulk packed products have a longer shelf life when compared to the normal ones because bulk packaging is the special packaging which can only be seen when purchased in huge numbers. That packing protects the glow sticks from the damages caused due to transportation and also makes them safe and secure until the packet is opened.

Functionality: As the glow sticks have a longer shelf life they can glow for longer times. This increases the functionality of the glow sticks and makes them work more effectively.

However, glow sticks have a greater shelf life if they are stored in perfect storage conditions. Extreme climatic conditions will affect their functionality and can decrease their shelf period.