Why is Tooth Scaling Necessary?

Maintaining oral hygiene is most important. However, it’s not just sufficient to avoid the accumulation of dental calculus which is a hardened form of dental plaque that is formed below the gum line. A regular periodontal scaling is necessary to remove it. It is a safe and routine procedure that is performed by a dentist and is a non-surgical treatment.

The process is done, generally, as a part of gum disease treatment. Dental plaque and calculus get deposited below the gum like frequently. They should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they get irritated and inflamed. The firm attachment of the gum to the tooth may weaken and the gums may recede. As a result, a wide gap may arise between the teeth and gums. With time, this depth gets increased further and forms periodontal pockets. These pockets provide space for more accumulation of plaque and calculus. It’s necessary to undergo the teeth scaling procedure when the periodontal pockets are greater than 3 mm.

Special hand-held dental scalers are used by a dentist to remove the plaque manually. There are even certain ultrasonic scaling instruments that include a vibrating metal tip. This cleans the plaque and chips the tartar off .

A regular tooth scaling treatment followed by a good oral hygiene helps to deal with this plaque accumulation. A healthy environment provided by the clean root helps the gums to heal naturally. This reduces the pocket area and hence, avoids the elimination of bacteria hiding. However, without regular tooth scaling, any further infection of the gums may occur that cause severe periodontitis which may need only periodontal surgery treatment. So, better consult your dentist every year to get the tooth scaling treatment.