Infra Red Glow Sticks for Rescue Operations

Glow sticks are a kind of play toys for the kids and are used by elders for different decorative purposes. To this extent they are kind of tools used for enjoyment and recreation. But in case of military and navy they are playing a typical role. They are required for major operations which are performed mostly at night times. Since they are heal resistant, have water proof, light weight, durable they are easy to carry and can be used efficiently by all the military people.

These infra red glow sticks are a bit different from normal glow sticks. The major difference is, the normal glow sticks are visible, but the infrared glow sticks are not visible to the naked eye. They work with the help of IR or NV rays which are identified only with the help of special equipment or infrared sensitive cameras. But these glow sticks are used in the way similar to the ordinary glow sticks.

The moment the plastic tube of the infrared glow stick is bent, the glass veil present inside the plastic tube breaks allowing both the liquids present inside to mix. After shaking the plastic tube the two liquids inside will be mixed properly and emit infrared radiations instead of light which we will observe in the case of normal glow sticks. But the released infrared radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The special feature that infrared glow sticks are invisible to the naked eye made them unique and are made used for military operations. They can be seen only by wearing special night vision equipment or some goggles which are specially designed for identifying infrared rays. These are used in the several tactical military operations for target marking, personnel marking etc. In some types of operations if an infrared-glow-stick is left at a particular place by a soldier, it acts like a indication for another soldier who arrives to the same place that the search over there is already done. So, that he won’t waste his time by searching the place again. It also indicates that room is free of any danger.