Fundamental Properties of Software Programming

Computer programming is the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the source code of computer programs. The purpose of programming is to create a program that exhibits a certain desired behavior. Generally a software developer follows different methods for creating a software program but the software program should satisfy some fundamental properties and these include:

Software which is developed must consume less resources and if it does, then it is said to be more efficient. This also includes correct disposal of some resources, such as cleaning up temporary files and lack of memory leaks.

It is the ability of a computer system to cope up with errors during execution or the ability of an algorithm to continue to operate despite abnormalities in input, calculations, etc. This includes situations such as incorrect, inappropriate or corrupt data, unavailability of needed resources.

Portability is the software code base feature which is able to reuse the existing code, when moving software from an environment to another instead of creating a new code. This depends on differences in the programming facilities provided by the different platforms.

Reliability is the fundamental property of the software program, which tells about the positive results of the program. This depends on conceptual correctness of algorithms, and minimization of programming mistakes, such as mistakes in resource management and logic errors.

This is the property of the software program which explains the ease with which a person can use the program for its intended purpose. Such issues can make or break its success and this involves a wide range of textual, graphical and sometimes hardware elements that improve the clarity, intuitiveness and completeness of a program’s user interface.

It is the ease with which a software program can be modified by its future developers in order to make improvements. Good practices during initial development make the difference with regarding the performance.

The above are the various basic properties of a software program.