How to Make an Aquaponics System with a Barrel

Aquaponics System is type of controlled environment in which the aquaculture or fish breeding and hydroponics is integrated together in an artificial habitat. It has re circulating environment in which fish and plants live together depending on each other. In this system waste material released by the fish is combined with natural bacteria to covert ammonia to change nitrite to nitrate and this nitrate is used by the plants. Thus the waste is eliminated which is created by the both plants and the fish. Both light and temperature are controlled in an aquaponic system.

Barrel ponics is another word for aquaponics in a barrel. Generally a big aquaponic system is costly and with the use of barrels low cost system can be made. This system is good especially in areas where there is low soil or the weather does not permit growing outdoors since these systems are typically placed indoors where there is a controlled environment. While choosing the barrels it is important to consider the quality of the barrel because these containers will grow food that will be consumed by animals and humans. Blue and white plastic barrels are safe to use once it has been cleaned thoroughly and it is good to use the black barrels which are recycled. Never use the recycled barrels which do not have labels. It is better to use blue barrels because they will not grow algae as much as a white one would.

Three barrels of 55 gallons size are used in this system, one barrel is used for the fish, the second barrel would be cut in to half and laid down for the plants to grow in, and the third barrel would be used for water return maintenance. This system is connected with piping and pumps. Lighting and the temperature in the system is made to coincide with normal crop growing environment.