Know About Driver less Cars

As the name suggests, the driver less car is a vehicle that can run without the input from a human operator. These vehicles are equipped with the autopilot system, laser scanners and cameras that work in concert to detect and help avoid obstacles.

In order to drive a car, a system needs to:

  • Understand its surrounding environment using sensors
  • Knows where it is and where it wants to go, with Navigation system
  • Find its way in the traffic with Motion planning
  • Operate the mechanics of the vehicle with the help of Actuation

One of the example of the driver less car is a self driving car named Shelley. This car had successfully is supposed to climb the Colorado’s Pikes Peak. At Pikes Peak, Shelley will ascend 4,721 feet on paved and gravel roads covering a 12.4-mile race course with 156 turns.

The benefits of using driver less car are:

In battlefields or disaster zones, it can be used to transport loads.

  • It avoids accidents.
  • It helps in managing traffic flow.
  • It also reduces the costs of employing drivers.
  • SARTRE program estimates that accidents could be reduced by 80% and that fuel consumption and emissions would both improve by 20%.
  • It allows drivers to take rest in long journeys.
  • It reduces the lane width and safety margins.

There are many researches going on connected to developing the driver less cars and it may take two more decades to see the fully developed car which runs on its own with out needing the human efforts.