Know About Uses of Dead Batteries From Electric Cars

All the electric batteries regardless of the size can be recycled including electric car batteries. One can’t recycle a material unless and until there is market for used materials and in automobile industry the recycling of the materials is prevalent from the past. According to the trade group, Battery Council International, it was found that 97 percent of battery lead is recycled.

The car batteries needs to be recycled because every electric car battery is expected to have a three part life span that could take many years to run through, Lithium ion batteries will be tougher to recycle because the companies will not make use of these rare and valuable metals in some other types of batteries like nickel metal hydride battery packs.

Many depleted lithium ion batteries will be processed by Toxco, which is a leader in battery recycling. The company at present begins with a deep freeze to minus 325 degrees Fahrenheit to stop the chemical and electrical activity. The plastics, metals and chemical compounds are separated for sale or disposal after shearing and shredding of the batteries. A chemical reaction converts the lithium to lithium carbonate, which will be used in medicine for number of purposes and it is also used like an industrial chemical and to give their red glow to the fireworks and flares.

Toyota is panning to recycle the lithium ion batteries used in the Toyota Prius plug. Many other automakers also want to recycle the batteries to protect their green image.