What are the Reasons That Encourages Businesses to Use Wan Optimization

Today, customer and partner applications became more and more important. In order to provide good customer service, many companies are using application performance management. This ensures to enhance the experience of user about application availability and quick response with good service.

Companies need to get the help of the WAN optimization devices to start the process of the APM. In order to meet the business requirements, many companies are using Wide Area Network optimization. WAN optimization devices are used to accelerate the application, eliminate the network problems and remove the unnecessary transfers and optimize the data streams in the network. There are few reasons why businesses use this optimization of WAN, such as:

Server and storage consolidation:
Consolidation help the IT companies to reduce the cost and it enables them to have better control on the data or information. Consolidation of server result in chatty protocols like CILLFS and Exchange or NFS that were designed to run on the LAN and while running over the WAN.

Disaster recovery:
In order to secure the important data and files, business requires the WAN based backup and data replication. When businesses use a WAN acceleration solution then disaster recovery and business continuity strategies can be improved. Even small companies can use the combination of WAN acceleration, virtual servers and IP SANs to prepare any worse situations.

Reduced WAN bandwidth:
WAN can accelerate the delivery of the applications by reducing the bandwidth utilization and accelerating application performance. Nearly 95 percent of current WAN bandwidth can be reduced with WAN accelerators. It allows to use the new applications like voice and video over internet protocol.

It also help to protect the data and improve the productivity by increasing the performance of the applications.

These are the reasons why organizations use the WAN optimization accelerators for their businesses.