Know About Handheld 2D Barcode Scanners and their Advantages

2D barcode system has been in use in many applications. A barcode scanner which is used for reading 2D barcodes is called as 2D barcode scanner. Many such types of scanners have been in rise. There are many types of 2D barcode scanners. Among them handheld 2D barcode scanner is one which has many advantages.

Handheld 2 D barcode scanners have been greatly in use these days and hence their sales are increasing at an impressive rate. As the technology is getting advanced these days, more items require the use of these scanners. The most important benefit of these scanners is that these are the only scanners that are being used for reading a 2D barcode.

Some of the examples of 2D codes are Aztec, Data Matrix, and QR Code. These codes are being used in various industries. These scanners are used in many fields so as to make their business advanced. Many scanners are also available these days and some of them include Symbol barcode scanner and Hewlett barcode scanner.

Also the handheld 2D barcode scanners captures an image of the barcode with an image sensor. Then the image is run through a software decoder program which is installed inside a scanner’s firmware. It helps in locating the barcode based on the unique attributes of the barcode whatever its orientation may be. This is the most important advantage which helps in eliminating the need to change the position of the scanner with different positions of the barcodes. There is no need for the barcode scanner for ensuring the orientation with the barcode.

This unique feature helps in reducing the user’s energy level used because the scanner can be held in one position and there is no need to go through the trouble of lining it up with various positions of barcodes on the items. The handheld 2D barcode scanner is very much reliable and provides a worry free work environment.