List of Some of the Benefits of Saliva Drug Testing

Drug testing is done in order to detect whether a person has consumed a drug. Whatever the drug may be, drug testing helps in finding drug abused people. Certain action has to be taken against those people. For example, marijuana drug test is conducted by employers at workplace. This helps in avoiding the drug abusers at workplace.

Many methods of drug testing are there such as urine drug test, saliva drug test, blood drug test, and hair drug test. Among these we will now discuss about the advantages of saliva drug testing.

Simple Method:
The sample collection for this method is very simple. As it is a non-invasive method, no complaints arise from the individuals based on privacy matter. A swab is placed in to the mouth of a person for two to five minutes and the sample is collected. Marijuana detection by oral drug test method is very easy to perform.

Less prone to manipulation is observed by this method. Any chances of adulteration are also avoided. Any external adulteration of the sample can also be detected easily. The results of the test are quick, reliable and accurate.

Drug Detection Time:
Saliva drug testing can detect drugs within a period of one to two days. Drugs taken most recently, may be before two hours of the test can also be detected. Certain ultra-sensitive saliva drug test kits are available which help in detecting if a person is currently on high drug usage or not. When compared to urine tests, drug detection rates are higher for saliva drug tests.

Easy way of Administration:
The process of administration can be done without errors. Time is also not consumed during administration. This method can be easily conducted at workplaces as it may cause minimal disruption in the work environment.

Cost Efficiency:
When compared to urine and blood tests, saliva tests are most cost efficient. In employment drug testing programs blood and urine samples are collected at a specific site. However, a saliva sample can be collected at the workplace itself. This also reduces the collection site costs.

As the saliva drug test has many such advantages, it is used widely for better results.