Different Types of Drug Test Kits

Drug test is a test to know, whether a person has abused drugs. Drug test can be done in many ways. Conducting drug test by using drug testing kit is the easiest way. You can find some different types of home drug kits like urine test kits, hair follicles or sweat test kits and saliva drug test kits.

One can purchase the drug test kits from retail stores or drug stores or from online. It is easy to use them and they are inexpensive as well. You can conduct the drug tests at home by using these kits. They are used at workplaces as well. There is no need to allot special room for drug test, if these kits are used, so because of this they are very useful at many places like workplaces and schools to conduct the test.

Urine drug test kits: Many people use these kits, because they are accurate, easy to use and less expensive and they provide quick results. Nearly 10 different drugs can be detected by this drug test kit. Here, urine is taken as sample in this test.

Saliva drug test kit: This is another type of drug test kit. This saliva-drug-test is also called as oral drug test. These kits are good at detecting the drug use. They can provide the results within one or two days and they are accurate. You can find multiple drug testing kits in this test.

Hair follicle test kit: It is another type of drug testing kit. Here hair is taken as sample of test. Generally this type of test is more expensive than urine and saliva drug test.

These are the different types of test kits, which are available in the market in order to conduct the drug test.