Difference Between Barcode Printers and Normal Printers

Barcode printers are used to print the barcodes. Barcodes are used on items in the form of barcode label. Barcodes contain information about a product or item assigned to them. These barcodes labels are printed by barcode printer, like Zebra printer.

Barcode printers and normal printers are different. Barcode printers and normal printers can be compared in different ways. There are some of the differences between barcode printers and regular printers, such as:

  • Price range: the price range of the barcode printers can be lower than the conventional printers.
  • Tasks: Indicated in the name itself, barcode printers are designed to print barcodes. Normal printers are designed not for any specific task like barcode printers. These printers can perform all tasks.
  • Reliability: If you compare normal printer with barcode printer, barcode printers recover much faster from a break down.
  • Replacement: It is difficult to replace spare parts of barcode printers compared to normal printers. It is not only difficult to install the parts, they are expensive too.
  • Ink usage: Ink is used more efficiently by barcode printers than a normal printer. The difference is noticeable while printing over smaller surface areas and smaller areas.

However, barcode printers are deployed for a specific task – printing barcodes. Zebra printers are reputable printers and are best example for barcode printers. Now a days many businesses are using these barcodes and barcode printers.

These are the differences between barcode printers and normal printers. Barcodes are not printed by normal printers.