What are the Types of Barcodes

Now a days, everything is barcoded; from grocery items in stores to the books at library. Barcode is a symbol which is installed on the product to know the information about product, which can be read by barcode readers. There are few types of barcodes which are commonly used, such as:

Numeric only barcodes: Numeric-barcodes are used for library systems, telecommunication equipment, automated mail sorting. Only numbers can be encoded by the numeric only barcode. 12 digits are used in this barcode and it is most common barcode.

Alpha-Numeric barcodes: The name itself is indicating that numbers and letters, both are encoded by this type of barcodes. It is also called as code 39, consists of five bars, and two spaces. These type of codes can be read by any scanner like Symbol barcode scanner. This type of barcodes can be used by non retail industries.

2D barcodes: In this type, information is stored in the form of horizontal and vertical lines. A large amount of data or information can be stored in this type of barcodes. Most 2D codes contain check words to ensure data transmission in order to prevent misreads.

These barcodes can be scanned by any barcode scanner. Though you can scan by any type of scanners, Symbol scanners are commonly used to read them.

The above information is about the different types of barcodes. You can choose anyone according to your convenience.