Know About the History of the Glow Sticks in Military

Now-a-days, glow sticks are used in military branches, law enforcement, search and rescue, public service departments, and well prepared individuals around the world. A creative, well constructed, small and lightweight solution is offered by glow sticks for many difficult conditions like rescue workers and every day families.

First glow sticks were invented for military operations, in 1962. Later it was developed by China Lake Naval Weapons Center in California into non fire producing chemical compounds with the properties of long lasting luminous intensity and efficiency in extreme temperature conditions and this invention was called as glowing stuff. It consisted of two liquids that were stored separately and when they were mixed then it would glow.

Actually glow sticks are used by Navy for emergency lights, man overboard float lights, target marking, helicopter landing zone marking, night parachute or para drop operations and other operations. Slowly they are used in other arms of military services and it is passed to public service departments to aid law enforcement, firefighters and other departments.

Infra-Red Technical Light Sticks, which are made of latest technology innovation are used for military night operations to increase the safety and success of their operations. Such lights are light weight, durable, and easy to carry.

Military has been using a variety of glow sticks like non tactical military ops, safety, and night operations since 1962. Glow sticks which are used are strong and durable.