How Location of the Olympics is Chosen

Selecting the host city for the Olympic games is the not simple thing. It is the great achievement of hosting the Olympics for any city because a great international attention with rush of the organizers, media, advertisers, athletes and their followers and spectators are brought by it. A huge economic boon to any city with honor is provided by it. There is a high competition for hosting the Olympics among different cities.

First, country should fill out an extensive application and questionnaire, any country wants to apply and to become a candidate city. An emblem which is created to visualize their candidature must be submitted by prospective host countries. A 10 minute presentation should be composed and delivered to introduce the management team to the IOC.

Some basic technical requirements such as logistical like space, access, accommodations, transportation and safety and security and subjective requirements like promotional plans, plans for those ancillary events as parades and ceremonies or and Olympic village, are examined by a team of experts in those applicant cities.

Team submits the list of the applicants who meet the necessary specifications to the IOC Executive Board at the end of this initial selection phase. Such cities become Official Candidate Cities, then Execution Board gives the permission to the full bidding process. Bidding is very costly for Olympic games. Because of this high fee many cities are not coming forward for bidding of the Olympic games. There will be an election to select the host city, the vote is caste by each member of IOC. The process of the voting is conducted until one bid achieves an absolute majority of votes.

This is the process to choose the location or host city to organize the Olympic games in summer season and winter season for every four years.