Few Common Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring a Nanny

Generally, some mistakes may creep in while hiring a nanny for your child. Such mistakes can be inadequate reference, appointing without an agreement, fail to provide proper training, etc. So, one should be careful about mistakes while hiring. There are few mistakes to avoid while hiring a nanny, such as:

Inadequate reference and background information: Should not go for short cuts, take adequate time to chose the nanny. Inadequate references and background checking is the one mistake. If you fail to speak about candidate’s references, about job experiences with candidate then it can lead to mistake in hiring a correct nanny.

Having unrealistic expectations: Few parents expect from nanny to do the housekeeping work apart from taking care of child. It should be in agreement before hiring her, then she can. Unless they do not expect from nanny to do the house keeping work while their child naps, it will be unrealistic. So before hiring, you should explain the work responsibilities to her.

Poor communication: Failure to communicate the information about taxes and salaries with nanny is one of the mistakes. Employer should communicate in proper way about compensation issues, overtime compensation, tax deductibles, etc.

Hiring without written agreement: It is the biggest mistake, one should not do it. A proper written agreement will clarify all the terms and conditions of the employment relationship, working hours, duties, responsibilities, and compensation and etc.

Failure to provider training: Generally, a new nanny does not know anything about the family and how it operates. Family can spend time to make her adapt the situations in home.

These are the mistakes which are done commonly while hiring a nanny, so they should be avoided to make proper agreement between nanny and parents.