Basic Components in Computer Networking System

A computer networking system is a system involved in data transferring and communicating data. Computer-networking needs some basic components for doing a job properly. Physical connection, networking operating system and application component are three basic components.

Physical component
: The physical components are the network topology and network devices, which include cabling, connections, networking interface card and all other hardware devices connecting the computer. Topology is the different types of computer connections into network. Each connection have is own benefits and drawbacks. The connection has many types these are bus topology, star topology, ring topology etc.

Networking operating system
: In order to communicate, the network must select an appropriate operating protocol. The protocol enables the computer to transfer correct data transmission. The networking operating system controls the software to transfer data from server to multiple computers.

Application component: value of networking lies between sharing data up-to-dates; it connects the hardware and software. In a networking application software primary used for legal profession of word processing, time billing, calendar, address book, e-mail, document management, conflict management and litigation support.

Along with these basic components, Printers, scanners and many hardware devices also need in computer network.