Know About Pros and Cons of Mobile Marketing

Marketers are using different types of marketing technologies for getting their product or service used . One of the latest technology which is under usage is the mobile marketing. Apart from the advantages, there are even disadvantages which are associated with this type of marketing.

Advantages of Mobile marketing:

  • It is effective and efficient type of marketing.
  • In general, the charges will be simple because of no printing and postal charges except a fee for the nominal text message. So, one can easily afford mobile marketing.
  • Any devices which can access the internet can be targeted as the medium for the mobile marketing. Some of the devices which are used for the mobile marketing are handheld PCs, smart books etc.
  • Delivering time: This is the fastest medium for marketing because message will be received within seconds.
  • The cost per message gets decreased with the increase in the volume of the messages posted.
  • Delivery of the messages is always guaranteed using this mobile marketing unlike the other marketing means.
  • Unlike the transmission, this will have a huge response.
  • Ability to customize the messages can be done using the mobile marketing technology.
  • Without considering the location one can send and one can receive.
  • When compared with the other types of marketing, the response or the rate of interaction will be more.
  • Mobile marketing campaign can be verified and quantified easily when compared with the types of marketing technologies.

Along with the pros, there are even cons associated with this marketing technology


  • Only a limited interface options are provided to the customers using this service. Because some of the operating systems will not support the device and hence the accessibility gets limited.
  • Security hazards will occur because of the fact that the cell phone number can be passed.
  • Only some of the mobiles use advanced technology. Some of the advanced features are not used in some mobiles, details of the offers cannot be specified correctly.

Although, one can neglect the cons regarding the mobile marketing for getting the product marketed in some cases.