How to Make an Outdoor Fountain with Clay Pots

A lovely addition to a yard, patio, deck or a garden can be made by an outdoor fountain. You can get immense pleasure with gentle sound of the continually flowing water. Outdoor is an extraordinary way to improve or add some beauty to the outdoor area by decorating it with beautiful polished stones, colorful beach glass, shells, flowers and foliage.

You can make a fountain with clay pots instead of purchasing outdoor fountain. Making an outdoor fountain is easy with low cost than the fountain which is bought from outside.

Necessary items: You need three clay pots in different sizes along with matching clay saucers and you need an extra large waterproof saucer of your choice to create an easy outdoor fountain. This large saucers serve as the base for the entire display and this saucer must be deep enough to accommodate a small submersible pump. You need one high quality submersible pump with tubing and an electrical drill and masonry bit, a grinding bit, and waterproof sealant.

First you have to design a plan for outdoor fountain before drilling holes and grinding notches. First turn the largest pot and top it the matching clay saucer. Next again you turn the second largest pot and top it with matching second largest clay saucer and keep this next to the larger one. Like this you have to arrange 3 pots and saucers, then the water will flow from a notch in the larger saucer to the medium size and and it then into the lower size saucer, and this water will flow back to the base where it will continue to flow up.

You can grind a notch on the edge of the largest saucer and five larger notches along the edge of the largest clay pot. You can use one of the notches in the edge of the pot for the pump cord. Water will be allowed by remaining notches to flow under the largest pot so it can circulate and reach the pump beneath. The water will be allowed by the notch in the edge of the largest fountain saucer to flow down to the next level.

Next you can drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the largest saucer and you have to thread a piece of tubing up by the interior of the overturned clay pot and by the hole of the matching saucer. You have to fill the gap in the saucer around the tubing with waterproof sealant and according to product label instructions, you dry it completely. You have to seal around the tubing for the outdoor fountain to work properly.

The same process will be repeated of grinding notches in the top edges of the clay pots, and overturned pots and saucers are arranged. So, water will flow from upper saucer to the lowest and back into the base of the fountain. You can fill the base saucer about ½ an inch from the top and with water after setting up the pots and then plug in the pump. To make a continual flow of water from the top saucer to bottom saucer, you can move saucers close, if it is necessary.