Ways to improving self productivity in short time

Now-a-days, every person is interested in giving best performance than others because of high competition. In this world, best performance is required for survival. The performance depends on many factors. One can improve self productivity by working systematically.

Few steps are to be followed for improving self productivity in short time.

  • Improving mental fitness. It is important to have a control on thoughts while working. As, our mind cannot concentrate on two things simultaneously.
  • It is important to fix a target for doing a work.
  • One has to identify their strengths and weaknesses. After identifying, one has to overcome their weaknesses.
  • Most important thing is management of time. To-do list helps in attending prioritised works first and also to complete them on time. This will inturn increase self productivity.
  • You should compare your work every day, week, month. This will help you in decreasing unwanted work.
  • To find new ways to overcome obstacles or problems at work.

Following these few simple steps will increase your self productivity in short span.