Impact of Marijuana on Immune System

The immune system fights against the infections organisms and other invaders and is an essential part of the human system. It protects human body from diseases by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs. It keeps the people healthy and it prevents infections. Illness and infections can be led by some problems in immune system. This immune system will be effected by using marijuana drug.

Cells in the bronchial passages can be damaged by smoking marijuana. Body can be protected from inhaled microorganisms by these cells. Ability of the immune cells to fight off fungi, bacteria and tumor cells, can be decreased due to damaging of the cells. It will increase the danger in case of patients, who are already with weakened immune system; it may also lead to pulmonary infections, pneumonia.
Studies suggest that marijuana is a general immune-suppressant that reduces the influence of the immune system. Ability of the body of the smoker of marijuana is effected by marijuana to defend against infection by weakening various natural immune mechanisms including the macrophages and all important T cells. Patients with preexisting immune deficits are adversely effected by use of marijuana which result from AIDS, cancer chemotherapy or organ transplantation.

In this way marijuana damages the immune system in human body, especially in case of patients.