The Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine is a strong addictive and abused drug. It is produced in South American from Coca plant’ leaves. Central nervous system of body is effected by this. Once persons try cocaine, they cannot control the continuous using of the drug. There are different names to cocaine they are Dust, Coke, Toot, Nose, Line, Sneeze, Snow, Powder, White pony, Girl, The lady, Flake, Rock, Crack, Cain, Neurocain.

Cocaine is a white crystalline powder. Crack cocaine is like small rock, chip or chunk and some times it is pink or off white in colour, it is blended with cornstarch, sugar, flour and vitamins. People take this by smoke, injection, snort or sniff.

In the U.S., it is second most illegal drug in use. 2.1 million people or 1% of Americans are using this cocaine.Economic status people are using this, all gender and all ages.

Cocaine is highly addictive and leaving this habit is very difficult. People quickly get addicted to this and it is addicted after sometime of smoking it.