Types Of Automation

Automation of any system makes the work of the worker easy. Automation can be used in many ways in many departments. As of now there are no large organizations without the automated systems. There are two types of automation based on the feed back. 1. Open loop and 2. Closed loop

Open loop:
In an open loop system there is no feed back. Here we are giving the input as some electricity and the output is produced after passing through the control or processing unit. Here the output is not given as feedback it is not a repetitive process.

Closed loop:
In this type of system input is given to the control or processing unit and output is produced and then it is given as feed back again. So this system reuses the output as input. So, it’s a cyclic process so that input is used repeatedly to get the concerned output.

Even depending upon the services they are divided in to many categories like
1.Information technology
2.Numerical control methods
3.Computer aided methods
4.For robotics
5.For scientific purposes
6.For home appliances

In most of the industries automation is used based on their requirement.