U.S. Jewelry Sales Experienced Decline By 10 percent In 2009

In the U.S., there are signs which indicate the recession may be decreasing. The U.S. directors and government kicked the economic defects early and promptly. Due to substantial government action, the U.S. market will possibly avoid a deep recession. The U.S. economy is more flexible than many people understand (the media has no clue about this fact) and they never had bet against the Fed (the entity which has been most influential in relieving the economy with medicine).

Revised figures from the Department of Commerce reveal that jewelry sales have been lesser than total retail sales from September 2008.

In February 2009, specialty jewelers’ sales were declined by 11.3 percent, while total retail sales, without including auto and food, were declined very slightly by 9.3 percent. If auto and food categories are included, retail sales were declined by 11.5 percent in February.

In March 2009, specialty jewelers’ sales were declined by 16.2 percent, while overall retail sales, excluding auto and food, were declined a more slightly by 8.7 percent.