How Marijuana Impacts Driving Skills?

Most people believe that marijuana does not affect their driving, some people think they can drive better under its influence. However, marijuana has harmful effects on driving. Marijuana impairs driving skills and badly impacts the ability to solve immediate problems.

Initially there is feeling of pleasure; it is for some time. Later the person feels drowsy and will not be in a position to drive, as he will be confused with suffers from hallucinations. He cannot think properly and to react to situations.

The person who consumes marijuana and drives gets mentally disturbed and will not be able to react properly according to situations. He will proceed in a wrong direction, which harms the other persons coming in opposite direction.

Recent analysis of data from several studies conclude that marijuana use more than doubles a driver’s risk of being involved in an accident makes driving potentially more hazardous.
Thus, marijuana use and driving can lead to fatalities.