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What are the Peripheral Devices of Mainframe Computers?

We all know that mainframe computers are similar to PCs, but the difference between them is speed, processing level, reliability, storing condition, etc. Mainframe computers have hardware and software components. They have multiple processors (CPU with multiple processors), control units, input/output channels, memory and peripheral devices. The central processor is the brain of the mainframe … Continue reading What are the Peripheral Devices of Mainframe Computers?

Description of a Mainframe Computer

Today’s mainframes are different from earlier mainframe computers because the latest versions are performing far better than the previous versions. Developers are still working on mainframes to invent better versions. All these versions are capable of offering features like reliability, security and compatibility Mainframes are large computers designed for handling/processing large amount of business data … Continue reading Description of a Mainframe Computer

Get to Know about Mainframes

Mainframes are large computers mainly used for processing bulk data such as industry specific and consumer statistics, census, financial transactions by large organizations. It supports some thousands of users processing data at a time and thus they are more powerful computers than super computers. Small difference you can notice in mainframe computers when compared to … Continue reading Get to Know about Mainframes

Alternative Therapies for Wellness

To maintain wellness, there are many practices involved like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, etc., that will help you promote physical and mental health. In this article, we will discuss some alternative therapies that are useful to maintain wellness.